Top four advantages of being a college-to-university transfer student

Disha Melwani


Gaining more knowledge in your field of study and earning a degree in a shorter amount of time are only some advantages that students have while continuing education in university right after college.

As you may know, We offer many programs designed especially for college-to-university students and being a transfer student myself, I constantly get asked: “What are the benefits of going to university after college?” To answer this question, I have compiled a list of the top four pros of being a college-to-university transfer student here at Ontario Tech:

1. Course load seems lighter


Once you begin your university degree—related to what you previously studied—you’ll find that the course load is often lighter (but fast-paced) as there are already many things that you have learned in your past post-secondary education. 

In my case, I have a diploma in Journalism and I’m a Communication and Digital Media Studies student here at the university. Considering that both of them are related and belong to the media industry, there are many aspects in some of the courses that I already know thanks to my knowledge in Journalism. 

2. Complete a program and receive a degree in a shorter amount of time

grad 1

Being a college-to-university student allows you to gain both a diploma and a university degree in around 4 to 5 years. This is really beneficial as you don’t have to spend four years towards just one undergraduate degree.

This comes in as a great asset because besides adding it to your resumé, you’re better prepared for the workforce as you’ll have greater knowledge in your field and those two (or even more) post-secondary credentials prove it!


3. Gain more knowledge in your field of study

knowledgeBridging to university and continuing a major related to what you graduated from in college, allows you to expand and know more about the industry you want to get in. Not only that, but you’re also able to network with your classmates (who may be your colleagues in a future job) and also get to meet many professors who are or have, worked in the field.

For example, the Communication and Digital Media Studies – Advanced Entry program at our university has allowed not only to meet my classmates who want to work in the media industry but to also get some insight from many professors who have a lot of experience in this discipline.

4. You will stand out in all aspects

stand out

If you think long term, being a college-to-university transfer student will ALWAYS look good and stand out; not only when looking for a job but also for finding any sort of opportunities like continuing a Master's degree in a specific program at a particular university.

This is because you clearly have more elaborated experiences and will definitely know how to apply it in different scenarios.




As a matter of fact, I think that continuing education in university after college should be considered, evaluated, and taken as educating yourself is always a good idea and the more post-secondary credentials you can get and achieve the better!

Are there any advantages of being a college-to-university transfer student that I might have missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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