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Hi, everyone! My name is Sandya, and I'm here to share my story as an intern in the Bruce PowerSandya Kokdunad Engineering program. After graduating high school in 2021, I began my first year of studies in the Nuclear Engineering program at Ontario Tech University.

As my first semester progressed, I was excited to learn about the various sectors with which I could get involved. I developed an interest in the production of medical isotopes using CANDU reactors, and I was eager to learn more about how I could get involved with this nuclear industry sector.

Keep reading to learn more about my experience at Ontario Tech:

Bruce Power Engineering Internships for Women

At the end of my first term, I learned about our partnership program with Bruce Power and the Bruce Power Engineering Internships for Women program. The program is designed to provide female-identifying students with the opportunity to pursue engineering co-op or internship experiences. This program captured my interest for four reasons:

  1. It offers you excellent exposure to the nuclear industry.
  2. It provides relevant experiences that enhance your skills and resume.
  3. It includes exploring your interests in nuclear engineering.
  4. You gain hands-on experience. 

Arieal view of Bruce Power Site in Tiverton, Ontario

My experience

I joined Bruce Power’s Medical Isotopes and Business Development team and worked with an interdisciplinary group of people well-versed in engineering, regulatory affairs, communications and business strategy. This gave me the opportunity to learn various skills and techniques from people active in the field. 

Throughout my work term, I got involved with various isotope production projects, including projects concerned with future isotope production feasibility. Additionally, I assisted with site energy development projects. These hands-on experiences have taught me so much about the field and have solidified my interest in isotope production. 

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I also had the chance to do a walk-through of a generating station at Bruce Power, where I could see some of the components of a nuclear generating station—including steam generators and the reactivity mechanisms deck. I also saw some of the newly installed components for the Lutetium-177 Isotope Production System (IPS) in Unit 7. This was an exhilarating experience as I got to see the very things I had learned about in lectures right before my eyes. 

You can learn more about my experience on Bruce Power’s Student Opportunities Site.

Overall thoughts

Overall, my experience with the Bruce Power Engineering Internships for Women program was outstanding. My work term was an excellent learning opportunity as I got the chance to apply the theory I had learned through my studies and learn more about CANDU technology. I found that people at Bruce Power were willing to help me develop my knowledge and skills and encouraged me to ask questions.

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The people I worked with taught me what to expect as a nuclear professional and a professional engineer. They did so by providing me with important lessons they learned from their careers and actively supporting my work and development during my internship.

The future 

While my work term has ended, I can complete additional work terms with Bruce Power in the future, which I am excited about. This includes a four-month work term following my second year of study and a 12-month internship or four-month co-op term between my third and fourth years of study. Although I am looking forward to learning more about reactor-produced medical isotopes, I also plan to explore other areas of Bruce Power to expand my knowledge and skills.

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