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Hey everyone! My name is Alsafa, and I’m a third-year Technology Management student. Transitioning from high schoolAlsafa Patel to a university can be overwhelming and unfamiliar. Fortunately, you'll have endless support at Ontario Tech to help with a smooth transition.

Whenever I was unsure what to do or what path to take, there was always someone there to help me make the best decision. 

Keep reading to learn more about my experience at Ontario Tech.

Program map

I decided to pursue the Information Technology program because of the high demand for jobs within the field and because it teaches you one of the most valuable skills in today's force—using different software and learning different coding languages. Initially, I applied for the Networking and IT Security program. However, our Academic Advisors helped me seamlessly switch to Technology Management in the second semester of my first year because it was a better fit for me. 

Technology management has two different pathways; you can choose to study Technology Management with a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), or you can study Technology Management with a Bachelor of Commerce. Some of the sample courses I took in the BIT program include:

These courses have helped me build relevant skills that will contribute to my career development after graduation. Each class has unique concepts that make it enjoyable to study. For example, Programming courses teach us coding, while Statistics deals with data analysis. 

This degree also allows you to take business courses to learn about financing and managing businesses, which will help your resume stand out because you'll have knowledge in both sectors. If you'd be interested in the business side of technology, take a look at the program map to get an idea of what the program is like.Three students working in a lab

Transitioning from high school to university

As a high-school graduate, my first year of university was a very different experience than what I was used to. My first year was online due to Covid-19, and I had no idea what to expect from my classes. I found it difficult to transition because I had never taken anything tech related, and in my first year, I had to take several IT courses. 

At first, I struggled to keep up with all the coursework because everything was so new and different. Fortunately, Ontario Tech offers Peer Tutoring, where you can ask a peer who has taken the course questions. Getting help from a Peer Tutor helped me better manage my courses and achieve my academic goals.Two students working together

I was excited to transition back to in-person classes because being on campus has a different vibe that just boosts your mood. Hanging out with friends and studying together greatly impacted my university experience and helped with my transition from high school. 

University Works 

Another way Ontario Tech supports you is through the University Works program. I'm currently working with the Communications department in the Registrar's Office as a work-study student. I highly encourage you to apply to the program because it's a great way to gain work experience.

Various positions are available that will help you learn new skills and gain experience in the workforce, all while earning money to help pay for school. You can work up to 10-12 hours per week during the school year, and up to 35 hours during the summer. student with a model projectI learned many different things from my job, such as using communication platforms to connect with future students, how to send students information based on their interests and much more. Supervisors are very understanding of the demands placed on students and work with you so that you can excel in your studies while working. For example, working during the reading week is optional because they understand you may need time to rest and review for exams. 

Once you're an Ontario Tech student, you can apply to the University Works program through your MyOntarioTech account.

Experiential learning 

Ontario Tech is dedicated to your success, even after you graduate. That's why experiential learning opportunities are built into every program! For example, in the BIT program, you can participate in an internship, where you can work with different companies for four months during the spring/summer semester of your third year. Internships are a great way to gain experience while studying. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the work in your field firsthand, which is a great way to determine if it’s the right fit for you. 


Alternatively, you can participate in a Capstone Project. During a Capstone, you work on a team project to help a company achieve a goal. At the end of the course, you get to display your project in front of other employees and students to show off your hard work and creative problem-solving.

My time at Ontario Tech has been amazing! Through the support available to students, I have been able to find my passion and work toward building my dream career. I'm excited about all the opportunities I have ahead of me, and I hope to see you around campus! 

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