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Hi, my name is Bria, and I'm here to welcome you to the Why Ontario Tech? series where we share unique features, student experiences and innovative projects with you so you can see what it's like to be a Ridgeback. Today we'll explore the various examples of modern and forward-thinking technology we have here at Ontario Tech.

ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel

The ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel is one of our innovative research facilities that you can explore. With the ability to recreate weather conditions, we can test the durability of car batteries in extreme heat, the sustainability of solar panels during freezing rain and the stability of aircraft systems in blowing snow. We can test operating vehicles with wind speeds up to 280 km/h—how cool is that? Wind testing in the ACE Climactic Wind Tunnel

But that's not all! We're in the process of developing cycling technology to help athletes train and prepare for climates of various conditions. We'll soon also be capable of conducting ski research to allow racers to simulate real-world conditions and test the suitability of their gear for competition day.

Digital Life Institute 

The Digital Life Institute is an official research entity at Ontario Tech which is focused on digital technologies' human and social dimensions. The Digital Life Institute will be a hub for critical analysis and build upon the work of academics interested in the social implications of technological advancement.

students working in a computer lab

The community is a propeller of modern technology and helps us work toward our mission of tech with a conscience. Its founding partners include the University of Minnesota, Shizuoka University 233125and Temple University.

Sustainability on campus

Hidden beneath the 7,500 square-metre quads at the centre of our university’s complex is Canada’s largest geothermal system. The geothermal well field is the central component in the 1,500-ton Borehole Thermal Energy Storage System. This highly efficient system provides environmentally friendly heating and cooling, capable of regulating the north campus buildings.SolarPanel-Polonsky

During the winter, fluid circulating through tubing extended into the wells collects heat from the earth and carries it into the buildings. The system reverses in the summer to pull heat from the building and place it in the ground. Again, how cool is that?

Project Arrow

Speaking of sustainability, Ontario Tech researchers and students led the development of Canada's very first zero-emission electric vehicle—Project Arrow. With the help of our beloved ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel, we were able to bring the vision to life. Project Arrow electric vehicle

Thanks to our modern technology and forward-thinking professors and researchers, creative innovations like this are a constant achievement at Ontario Tech. With faculty members who are passionate about their students and their research, opportunities like this are always available to you as a Ridgeback. 

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