Four reasons to choose Ontario Tech University for our Bachelor of Education (BEd) program

Patricia Lora


Picking the perfect teacher's college is a process. It’s more than just distance and cost that play a factor; accreditation, availability of grade divisions, program duration, flexibility and—of course—pedagogical values all contribute to your decision.

Unlike undergraduate programs, there aren’t as many education programs based in Ontario, making your decision uneasy.

Lucky for you, I was a student in Ontario Tech University’s BEd program.

So, if you’re considering our university as a potential school for pursuing your BEd, here are four reasons why you’re leaning towards a great choice:

1. Ontario Tech’s ideas are fresh 

The school is still less than two decades old. Our doors first opened to students in 2003 and we continue to grow in our mission to develop with the evolution of technology.

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As educators of the 21st century, we want to have skills that are relevant to the digital age, so we can approach innovations with a mindset to create refreshing and effective teaching methods—our university is dedicated to making this possible for our students.

2. Ontario Tech tames your math anxieties

Recently, legislation was passed by the provincial government requiring a compulsory math exam to obtain and maintain a teaching license, causing anxiety for those who do not specialize in math.

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In a Winter Open House lecture that I had attended, our then Dean of Education, Maurice DiGiuseppe, assured us “the university will do everything to prepare its teacher candidates for this examination, considering that our school takes its maths and sciences very seriously.”

Even before this legislation was proposed, we were ahead of the game and had already implemented a mandatory math course in the BEd curriculum.

3. Ontario Tech teaches skills of the future

Circling back to my first reason, our teaching program keeps your skills relevant to the growing workplace.

We offer a mandatory coding class to prepare teacher candidates to use their technological resources to find new and applicable methods of teaching.

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Knowing how to code is not only valuable on your resumé, but will teach you how to be self-sufficient, how to engage with your critical thinking and logical skills, and introduce opportunities. By having this basic skill-set of the future, teacher candidates can re-imagine the dynamic of the 21st-century classroom.

4. Ontario Tech gets you connected

Our university's BEd program is known for far more than just keeping teacher candidates in tune with the digital age. Its 16-month program allows you to graduate early and prepared, giving you an upper hand when applying for employment.

Prior to graduation, our BEd program will prepare you for your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) certification and help you build your resumé.

The Faculty of Education also holds an annual end-of-the-year Teacher Development Expo, where teacher candidates can apply for job opportunities within different school boards—nationally and internationally. More than 30 companies attend the fair!

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When you reach the end of your program and the Teacher Development Expo comes around, don’t forget that you will be more than ready to work. You will hold valuable and relevant teaching skills, be OCT certified, and be available earlier than the majority of teacher candidates within the province—who are still halfway to completing their BEd degree.

If Ontario Tech University is the school for you, you’ll have nothing to worry about! Our teaching program will prepare you with everything you need to know to become an educator of the 21st century.    

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