Why I chose Ontario Tech University: Kait's story

Kait Nienhuis


Choosing a university can be a big decision with many variables. Every student will have different needs and different interests, so it’s important to think about what’s important to you as you embark on your undergraduate journey.

Here's some of the reasons why Ontario Tech University was the right choice for me:   

College-to-university transfer programs

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Ontario Tech currently offers 25 college-to-university transfer programs. Years ago, I graduated from the Journalism program at Durham College. Through the transfer program at Ontario Tech, I was able to receive credits from my college diploma towards my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Digital Media Studies.

As a mature student, if I hadn’t been able to apply credits towards my Bachelor’s degree, it’s unlikely I would have taken the leap into university. Offering college-to-university transfer programs is a huge benefit to potential students, especially mature students, who want to upgrade to a university degree but may have time constraints that could deter them from pursuing undergraduate studies.

Facilities and student support services

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When looking at potential universities, an important factor for me was the quality and range of facilities and student support services. I’ve spent most of my undergrad as a part-time student with limited time to spend on campus, so it was important to me that I could maximize the time I did have and get the most out of what was available to me.

Over the years I have attended workshops and training sessions at Ontario Tech for skill building, career support, and health and wellness. The campus libraries and the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre are also amazing facilities that have really benefited me and enriched my experience.


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Ontario Tech university boasts two great campus locations—one in north Oshawa and one in downtown Oshawa. Both locations are easily accessible by transit and in great locations. I study at the downtown Oshawa location which is amazing for city life and within walking distance to a plethora of great places to eat, have a coffee, study, or grab a drink with colleagues after class.

During my time in undergrad I have lived and commuted to my classes from downtown Toronto and the Durham Region, so having an easily accessible campus with lots of local amenities has been extremely helpful.

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