Summer dreaming: a guide to days worth your while


Summer—yes, please! As the weather becomes warmer and the grass becomes greener, you may already be planning all the fun activities and relaxation for your break. 

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You might have trouble staying productive during the summer but you aren't alone! It can be hard to find the motivation to do the things you have to do but don't worry, together we can make sure you make the most of your summer days while still relaxing!

Time spent wisely in the summer is a time you'll truly appreciate in the later days. Learn how you can achieve both and have the best summer yet.

Go on a trip with friends

Spending time with your friends in the summer is a good way to catch up and be in the loop with what is going on in everyone’s life. Going on a trip with them is a great way to do that. It doesn’t have to be an expensive girl road trip

An adventurous road trip is the perfect way to make some new memories while catching up with your friends. Just be sure to include activities that everyone likes to do or at least something that each of you loves, so no one is left bored or feeling alone on the trip.

Explore your hobby or find one

Aside from our daily activities, there are things we do just because we love doing them and they bring us inner happiness. Summer is the time to explore and indulge.

This will keep you active and give you something to look forward to. Don’t have a hobby? Then try something new. Skateboarding, swimming, knitting and painting are just a few ideas for new hobbies for you to try out. You can do these alone or with friends, whichever suits you best!

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Get a Summer Job

I know, you just want to relax and sleep the days away but a summer job is a great way to earn money and spend your free time doing something productive! There’s time for everything. You don't have to work every day but even just a few days a week will supply you with some extra cash to make your summer even better!

Joe Kerry on the tonight show saying he got a jobA job in the summer may sound so boring but what is wrong with making extra cash when you are not bombarded with assignments? Absolutely nothing. Not sure where to start? Why not check out our University Works program to see if you qualify for a summer job? 

Not only will you be getting paid, you will learn new skills and gain new experience which will help you both in and outside of school.

It’s also a way to save up money for the school year. Just a little bit of work can go a long way to help cover your bills and expenses. 


It’s always a good thing to give back to the community. Volunteering is the best way to go. Assisting and helping others in one way or another, impacts not just you but also those you help. It may require a little effort but can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

So while having fun this summer, challenge yourself to volunteer—abroad, in school, at hospitals or in your community—and see where that takes you. Just a small bit of your time can make a big difference in someone's life!

Self-introspection and development

Summer is a good opportunity to take some much-needed personal time. Take time in the summer to look within yourself and figure out aspects of your life that you can improve and make you the best version of yourself.hunter x hunter thinking

Set realistic goals, get fit, meditate, eat healthy and just breathe. Do things that bring you fulfillment both within and on the outside. Find your ‘Zen’ and rejuvenate. It's important to sit down and think and reflect every now and then in order to better ourselves in the future!


Regarding school, there's a lot you can do even during the summer:

  • Apply for scholarships and bursaries—applications for financial aid for the next school year are available during the summer to check out
  • Explore campus
  • Take summer courses or workshops

Despite it being summer school is likely still looming over you so by prepping for the school year in advance you can help ease your mind.

These are all just a few ideas on how to spend your summer. The most important part of summer is taking time for yourself to relax because you deserve it! Do your best to relax and have fun and if you're able to do that then I think that's a successful summer!  

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