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Hey everyone, I'm Claire! I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I love everything about the west coast, and it will always be my home.

That being said, when I started thinking about where I wanted to go to university, I had a feeling I would end up in Ontario.

Claire Knowles - My Ontario Tech HeadshotMy journey to Ontario Tech began on the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science website. I had just decided that I wanted to study medical laboratory science and was looking at the list of accredited med lab programs.

However, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted my academic journey to look like. Whether that be medical school, other graduate studies or starting a career, I wanted to keep as many options open as possible.  

As I worked my way down the list of Canada’s med lab programs, I found that Ontario Tech was the only one to offer Medical Laboratory Science as a Bachelor’s degree; I was instantly drawn to the opportunities this program offers.

Getting a med lab degree—as opposed to a diploma—meant that I would be ready to move on to post-graduate studies more quickly; or, if I decided not to pursue another degree, I could begin a career as a lab technologist. 

The following summer, I was able to tour the Ontario Tech campus and immediately noticed it had a welcoming feel; I felt a sense of belonging, which excited me. I even had a med lab student as a tour guide and they spoke very highly of the program. The longer I spent on campus, the more convinced I was—I wanted to attend school here.

980x-1After completing my first year, I am proud to be a part of the Ontario Tech community. One of my favourite things about being here is that we are exactly that, a community. Being a part of a smaller university means always seeing familiar faces, getting to know your professors and having them know you too.

Whenever I have questions or need help, there is always someone to turn to. While I miss my home and my family in BC, I know that I have a new and growing family at Ontario Tech who is there to support me on my academic journey making Ontario Tech my home away from home.

chewbacca and han from starwars going home

During my time here, I have gotten involved all over campus, from Ontario Tech Blood Services to FIRST Robotics. I have learned more about the topics I am passionate about, made great friends and am one step closer to achieving my dreams!

If you are considering Ontario Tech for your studies, I encourage you to apply. Ontario Tech is a wonderful university that will support you while you pursue your goals and dreams. 

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