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Rilita Theodora


I became interested in the Communications and Digital Media Studies program at Ontario Tech because of the growing and diverse digital culture. So many people are on social media but most of them don’t understand how it works.

I wanted to better understand the apps I was using and our communication environment, and this program was the perfect way to do that—whether it was about advertisements, social networking sites, news or influencers, I was learning about the world we are surrounded by.

My experiences in the program have been wonderful so far and I wanted to highlight some of the benefits you can find here at Ontario Tech:

Learn the history of communications theories

Learning about the history of communications theories has had a profound impact on my critical-thinking ability. Histories are meant to teach us how to critically analyze our current issues so we can make better decisions for our future. 

We have professors from different backgrounds that give you in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of communication; plus, most of the professors have their own fun way of transferring their knowledge!

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Improve your written communication skills

This should be obvious and expected for anyone who is interested in majoring in communications for their undergraduate studies.

There are many essays and papers that you will write throughout the years of study here that will help you sharpen your writing skills. It may sound intimidating for some people, but it grew my love of writing. I even took a Writing and Publishing in the Digital Age course which motivated me to become a Student Speak blogger.

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The final project in this course required us to act as writers for a publishing company. It was one of the most fun projects I’ve had throughout my studies and gave us the opportunity to expand our writing skills by practicing professional style writing. 

Enhance your public speaking skills 

Another interesting course that I took in my first year was on Public Speaking. I was reluctant to take it because it was only my second semester of living in Canada and I was nervous about speaking in front of others. 

However, it really helped me improve my verbal communication skills as an international student. In this course, we had the chance to speak in front of the class several times to help build our confidence. microphoneHaving an opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment with peers makes it much easier to engage in public speaking in different environment settings. Also, these skills will be very beneficial when you're going on interviews and working in your field. 

Get hands-on experience

Ontario Tech offers practicum and internship opportunities to our students in Year 4. We can get 100 hours of working experience, with several in-class seminars and academic assignments.

There are practicum coordinators that take the time to get to know you so they can help you find the perfect organization and position.

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Ontario Tech has over 150 community partners that provide placement opportunities to our students so they can gain hands-on learning, that way they have the necessary skills on the tips of their fingers when they graduate. 

Those are just some of the benefits of the Communication and Digital Media Studies program we offer at our university. This program provides you with insight and understanding of the digital world we live in and the communications we are surrounded by. 

Want to get to know the university and our programs a bit better? 

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