10 things I learned while living off-campus

Zahra Mustansir


First year is a confusing time for a young adult. You’re thrust into a world of responsibility. In my first year, I lived in off-campus housing for eight months.

These are a few things I learned during that time:   

1. Bathrooms don't magically clean themselves.

Huh, who would’ve thought?

 Cleaning dirty sink


2. You will most definitely not have time to go back to your house with back-to-back lectures.

This means you’ll always be carrying your room with you.

 Man dragging huge luggage at airport


3. You'll constantly wonder if you're close enough to your roommates to use their stuff.

The only way to know is to either ask, or just give it a shot.

 empty fridge with iou sign


4. This means your house will either feel like you’re sleeping over at your best friend's place...

 man saying 'did we just become best friends'


5. Or a temple of passive aggressiveness.

 man saying 'you have not done the dishes in five years'


6. Your landlord will be the most helpful person when the laundry machine stops working.

Gotta have clean clothes!

 man saying 'hahaha good one'


7. You’ll also discover the perils of grocery shopping. 

man saying 'ok so which one of these things is a potato'


8. And you'll find fruits and vegetables are more expensive than junk food.

 Man saying 'bacon is on sale, so we get it all'


9. Plus cooking...on your own? Nightmare.

Get tips that can help you become a more confident chef in this post.

 Homer pouring making cereal in bowl of fire


10. Lastly, you might feel like a broken piggy bank when the rent is due.

woman shaking piggy bank


In conclusion, this adulting thing is hard.

 man crying on couch


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