Why living in residence could be right for you

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Making the decision to move away from home and onto campus can be super intimidating and you may have a lot of questions as you try to determine if living in residence is the right choice for you. Keep reading to learn more about our residence options and the perks of living on campus.

Student community

While our vibrant community is available to everyone regardless of where they live, campus living provides unique experiences with other students also living in residence. It allows you to connect with fellow students who are going through similar experiences and foster a sense of belonging. This sense of community often leads to long-lasting friendships and creates a support system that can enhance the overall university experience.



Living on campus offers unparalleled convenience due to the close proximity of all your classes and campus events. When living off-campus you have to leave extra time to account for your commute which means you may have to get up earlier and get home later but if you are living on campus you can snag some extra sleep and basically just roll out of bed and walk to your classes!

Additionally, on-campus housing often provides easy access to extracurricular activities, such as sports facilities, recreational centers and student clubs or organizations. This closeness lets you actively participate in these activities without worrying about transportation, making it easier for you to explore your interests.

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Cost-effective living arrangements

Living in university housing can be a cost-effective option for students. On-campus housing often offers various room and meal plan options, allowing students to choose the option that best fits their budget. Your suite is fully furnished with both wired and wireless internet access, as well as a television. You'll also have access to laundry facilities, a communal kitchen, BBQ area with picnic tables, TV lounges, a games room, and a 24-hour staffed front desk.

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No matter how scary the prospect of leaving home may seem, campus living has plenty of benefits and resources that will truly make it a home away from home. Living on campus can help students save money, form friendships, better their university experience and more. Living on campus is definitely worth considering!

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