Surviving University: Seek and Ask


A giphy with an elephantWe have all been there. Been lost, felt lost, and looked lost—when this happens to you, don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek advice.

For you to be able to ask a question means you are observant and curious, which is what university is all about.

Try new things, make mistakes and learn from them!

University is a time away from home and adjusting may seem like a challenge but have no fear. Other students are probably in the same boat. So just ask for help whenever you need it.

If you find yourself feeling lost, our Office of Student Life offers many support services to our students; you can count on never being alone here.   

Large lecture halls may seem daunting and you may not be a little intimidated to ask questions at first; typically our class sizes are smaller, so you will get to know your profs and peers.

Asking questions will make you confident in your decision making ability. Be that person that asks.

You are not only helping yourself better understand, but you may also be a voice for those who are not yet ready to speak publicly. Always help whenever you can; you never know who you will impact.

Everyone needs guidance and sometimes you do too.

Ask away, not just for help, but for advice, suggestions, information, perspectives, validation, directions, anything at all; get your answers and become a fountain of knowledge for yourself and the people around you.

"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find (…) " - Matthew 7:7. Stay blessed.


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