Surviving University: An Introduction


Surviving University—the series—takes an in-depth look at the life of our students. The series looks at different feelings that come along with the university journey—from anxiousness, happiness, uncertainty and doubt, to moods and realizations.

A quoteSurviving University shares first-hand experiences, and suggests advice that can guide you when faced with difficult or unexpected decisions. As students, we all are going through it—living it, experiencing it and learning from it together. 

We know you’re prepared, but everyone can use a little help along the way.

There is no right way to go about things, best choices to make, guaranteed path to follow or even the perfect approach to handle circumstances.

No two experiences are the same, but hearing about them from those who’ve lived it can be insightful and beneficial.

You never know whose story may help, so here’s mine:

Based on my awesome experiences at Ontario Tech thus far, the below categories of my life as a university student are the ones that have built me into the wise, beautiful and stupendous human that I am today—yes I said that! #selflove

  • Friendships and socializing
  • Alone and the feeling of loneliness
  • Me time and we time
  • Understanding and realizing
  • Procrastination
  • Comparison and competition
  • Seeking and asking
  • Comfort zones and boundaries
  • Opinions and perceptions
  • Wants and needs
  • Keeping track and checking back
  • Thankfulness and gratefulness

A Quote

Surviving University will be looking at each of the above, so buckle in and enjoy the ride!

Please share your own opinions using #survivinguni in the comments section of any of the Surviving University series. Sharing is caring!

Together we shall persevere and get that degree!

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