Surviving University: Being alone vs. feeling lonely


Through your time away from home, you may feel lonely at times but don’t feel sad. Whenever you get that feeling, counteract it with something you know will make you happy—take a walk, exercise, call up a friend to chat, listen to music, dance alone (like no one's watching😉) in your room, call home, etc. 

Friends are great to look for in times of comfort and for creating memorable university experiences. Being alone is a great way to reflect, become self aware and grow. If you find yourself feeling lonely though, here are some tips: 


Change up your routine

It’s a great idea to change something when you feel lonely—your environment, your thoughts, your space. Re-arranging my bedroom makes me feel brand new! 

If you find yourself feeling down and going through the same motions everyday, try and change it up. Walk to school a different route, spend your lunch hour reading a book on positive affirmations, go to bed an hour earlier (or later)—just try something different; I bet you feel better after. 

Show others that you careQuote

We get so caught up in our daily lives that we sometimes forget the people and things around us.

Words of affirmation are great; acting with affirmation is greater. If you see someone is down, show them that you care; text or call them, or show up for a visit. Actions can go a long way! 

Let's all be kind to one another; we're all going through this together and everyone needs a little love.

Try not to isolate yourself

QuoteBeing alone and feeling lonely are two different things. Being alone may be something you enjoy and that's OK; we are all different and find joy in different ways. 

Want to branch out and meet new people at university? Ontario Tech can help with that; we have those super eager to socialize and those that may be a bit apprehensive about it. Either way, you're sure to find like-minded people to enjoy your time with, on your own schedule!

I find that being open to new experiences and meeting new people has helped me grow at university. I am comfortable spending time alone but have met lots of great people that have enhanced my time here. 

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else”- Margaret Mead.


Stay Awesome!!

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