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You're probably going to want to do your best in your studies at university, but it’s not the only thing that employers will look for. One of the most important questions they might ask is “What can you do for us?” That’s the paradox. We should have various kinds of experience to get a job, but we need a job to get that experience. Then how can we gain the experience?

Well, our university is more than happy to assist all of us in building our career path. Other than volunteering and participating in clubs or societies on campus, we can also get paid work on campus!

Our university gives international (and domestic) students the chance to work full-time on campus throughout the spring/summer period. If you are planning to attend our university, here are some tips on how to get work experience on campus! 


Check your eligibility

Pink highlighter checking of a listEven though our university would like to support all students, not everyone is eligible for this program. Check out this list of requirements to see if you are eligible:

  1. Be an undergraduate student.
  2. Have a demonstrated financial need.
  3. Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in your last full-time term.
  4. Have a Social Insurance Number.
  5. Be registered in full-time studies in the academic year prior to the spring/summer term.
  6. Be returning to full-time studies in the fall semester following your spring/summer work period.
  7. Not be enrolled in more than one course over the spring/summer semester.


Watch for deadlines

To be enrolled in this program, there are a series of time-sensitive requirements that you have to follow and complete once you are a student at our university.

deadline circled in a calendar

You will need to complete a general bursary application as well as submit your online University Works application.

Both steps can be completed using our MyCampus communication platform. Once you're officially a student at our university, you can find detailed steps on how to apply to the University Works program through our Student Awards and Financial Aid department.


Be professional

This whole program is meant for you to develop yourself in a professional manner. Starting with applying for the positions, creating resumes and cover letters, doing the interviews all the way until you're working full time.

Five shadowed people dressed and acting professionally.

You can also use this opportunity to develop your job searching skills. The career center offers various kinds of counseling and workshops that could help you with your resumes and cover letters, as well as your interview skills!


Do the work with passion

Hands put together in the shape of a heart.

Once you’ve been accepted for a position, don’t forget to apply your passion and interest. Besides gaining work experience, your manager could be a reference for your next job. Be a good worker, do the job diligently, learn from and have a good relationship with your manager. 

I participated in this program last year and it really helped me to get a sense of full-time work, more skills I needed in the future, and a reference or network that provides feedback for my future career. As I feel satisfied with the program, I would like you all to also experience this beneficial opportunity for your future career. Good luck with your job search!

If you have any additional questions, email University Works.  

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