How to successfully use your reading week

Cate McPhee


As a future university student, you might not be too familiar with reading week. It's kind of like March break, except about a month earlier. 

Reading week is so exciting and usually rolls into town right when the schoolwork load is getting heavy. Prioritizing your schedule during reading week may be more important than ever.

You might be going home for the break, sticking around school or maybe you are so lucky to be going on vacation. Either way, planning ahead of time will be very useful, especially so your break doesn't end up looking like this...

 person hiding behind a stack of books


So take a minute to get ahead of the game and better understand how you can successfully use your future reading weeks.


In the weeks leading up to reading week, see what your semester looks like and plan out your calendar of due dates. If you attempt to do a little extra work on the weeks leading up to reading week, you can take more time to relax over the break.


yearly planner waiting to be filled out


Make a List

Write down all of the things you would like to accomplish over the reading break. This may consist of assignments that are due soon, or maybe you are getting ahead so that exam season is less hectic.



Plan ahead and schedule out times to complete schoolwork, family time, exercise and party time. Just because classes are not running, does not mean that your assignments are on hold. Make sure to use your time wisely, but relax too.

Personal Day

If you can, plan a day just for you. Sleep in, have a coffee, go for a run, pamper yourself, buy yourself dinner. Relax and take a mental health minute. 


big cup of coffee


Catch up

If you are behind on school work, a Netflix series or with friends, make sure you take the time to catch up.


Have fun

Give yourself a break. Do something crazy you have always wanted to do. Go on an adventure with friends, try a new restaurant that looks yummy. Check out this post for some great bucket list ideas at our university

If you have any ideas about how to successfully use your reading week, please share them below and help a fellow student out.

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