Five Reasons for Considering Extracurriculars Before University

Rilita Theodora


When do you think is the best time to prepare for university life? Some might say a year or two or even months prior to application deadlines.

But here’s a tip for you: you can start as soon as possible and from the most simple thing to do. Participating in extracurricular activities, clubs or societies in middle or high school can be very beneficial for your academic achievement and well-being. Here is why:


Increase brain activities

Science, speech and other academic clubs might be obvious that they will help you to increase your academic achievement. But how about sports, music or art clubs?

graphic of brain filled with smaller images of sports

Various studies have shown that these activities also help you to use your brain and even develop it! When you can train your brain while doing what you’re passionate about, why don’t you try it?


Time management skills

Many students and parents think that extracurriculars will take up a lot of your time. They might, but it’s not for nothing!

You can also train yourself to manage your own planner openTime management is a skill you will need while you’re in university. No one will chase after you to do the readings or even the exams. Planning and scheduling are necessary for you to succeed in university.


Life balance

We can admit that studying is sometimes not the most fun thing to do. You also need to have a life balance to keep you productive.

People might say that you have to choose between your academic achievement and social life. However, I will tell you that joining extracurriculars is one of the things that you should try to balance your life.

While it can increase your brain activities and develop other skills, you will also have some refreshing time!


Build a Community

Participating in extracurriculars gives you a chance to meet with other students. It will give you a sense of community.a group of people with their hands in a circleSocial skills are also important in the university. You'll spend a lot of your time with your friends at the university, developing skills that can help you beyond the classroom.

You will need the skills to socialize with people once you’re done with school. Extracurriculars and clubs are the opportunities for you to practice that skill!


Work skills

Similar to volunteering, being in a club will give you an idea of how to work with other people.

Even though you might have the same passions as your friends in the clubs, there will be differences and disagreements that you will find between each other.

You will need those experiences to help you deal with the issues that you might face in the university or even real life. You can build your teamwork skills, goal settings, and engagement skills.

traffic sign that says new skillsAll of these reasons will also apply to you when you come to the university. Ontario Tech Student Union offers various kinds of clubs and societies for you.

It may be harder for you to make friends at the university, so joining the clubs will help you to find your people!

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