Downtown VS North Campus: What's the difference?

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Two gorgeous campuses, one amazing university. Ontario Tech has plenty to offer and, while similar, both campuses make for a unique and fun visit regardless of the reason. You might find yourself asking a few questions and trying to figure out where you belong so keep reading to find out more about our campus!

Regardless of which campus most of your classes are at, you're more than welcome to visit both whenever you please! Even if you have no classes at one campus there's still lots of great study spots and areas of interest to check out. There are a few things both campuses have in common, both have access to student mental health services, student learning support, IT desks and libraries so all the main necessities are easily accessible. 

Downtown campus

Let's start with our Downtown Oshawa location. This campus is home to our Faculty of Social Science and Humanities and the Faculty of Education. This campus is unique because it doesn't look like your typical campus where all the buildings are together in one large area. Downtown campus has various buildings scattered throughout the heart of Downtown Oshawa. This can make it a little confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it quickly, especially with the help of our campus map. Being downtown has lots of perks, you get to see the beautiful city, you're surrounded by fantastic restaurants and shops and you'll never run out of things to do!

Inside Charles Hall, you'll find the IT service desk, the library, classrooms and my personal favourite Isabella's Cafe! Located on the main floor of Charles Hall, you find a small shop named Isabellas that sells snacks, baked goods, drinks, water bottles and more, If you are like me and can't eat gluten they've even got some gluten-friendly options available! 

Located right next to Charles Hall is the Baagwating Indigenous Student Centre.  The Baagwating Indigenous Student Centre is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and is considered a home away from home for Indigenous students while also being a fantastic learning space for all students interested in learning more about indigenous culture and history. 

The Regent Theatre is our next stop on our adventure. Located on King Street it's a short walk from Charles Hall and is a massive theatre where lectures are held. On weekends and days that the university isn't using the building there are concerts, plays and more performances being held there that you don't want to miss! 

regent theatre outside

Right behind the Regent, you'll find our Bond Street building called Bordessa Hall, which is a home for lectures and offices, not many classes are held here but even if you don't have a class here you can always come to study! Just a little ways away you'll spot the CIBC bank at 2 Simcoe Street South and if you go up to the 3rd floor then you will find our Psychology research labs and offices!

It may seem a little confusing but it makes for such a unique experience because you get to see the city and enjoy all the great stores and restaurants. 

North Campus

This location is quite large and shared with Durham College. Just like downtown, we have a campus map to help you out! Here is where we host our faculties of Business & Information Technology, Engineering and Applied Science, Health Sciences and Medicine. 

Polonsky Commons 1

With so many programs and this location being combined with Durham College, this means there are a lot of buildings to keep track of! While they are all important there are definitely a few worth seeing regardless of your faculty!


The Fireside Reading Room is one of my favourite spots on the north campus, huge glass walls that let you see the beautiful Polonsky Commons, cozy chairs and of course a stunning fireplace. If the library isn't your thing there are a lot of other great spots to check out like 2200 North! This is our on-campus pub where you can grab a bite to eat, hang out with friends and make some memories. 

Of course, there are also our buildings dedicated to learning, different faculties and innovation, these include:

- Business and IT Building
- Campus Fieldhouse
- Campus Ice Centre
- Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre
- Clean Energy Research Lab
- Crime Scene House
- English Language Centre
- OPG Engineering Building
- Science Building
- Shawenjigewining Hall
- Software and Informatics Research Centre

South village residence-1

This isn't even the full list of different buildings you can find on North Campus and even if it may seem a bit overwhelming it's definitely worth checking out each building when you have time!

Both locations are beautiful and are sure to provide you with a fantastic experience during your time at Ontario Tech.

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