10 photos of dogs to get you through exam season

Erin Campbell


Hey readers, as the end of the year is winding down and the workload is ramping up, I think we could all use a good ol' collage of dog photos. Today I'm bringing you some cute photos of furry friends to help get you through this last academic stretch.

Don't forget to take care of yourself in this stressful time - and don't be afraid to reach out if you're struggling. Check out our post on the university's mental health services. Now, let's get to the puppies!

1. A fellow student thinking about all of their upcoming due dates

Pug wrapped in a blanket


2. A corgi where I want to be right now 

corgi on beach


3. Look at this baby ridgeback (hi, mini Hunter)

ridgeback puppy


4. Awwwww

Cute puppy with blue eyes.


5. This pup is excited that it's finally spring 

Dog running through a field of flowers.


6. A golden retriever in golden hour

Gold retriever sitting on a path


7. Brb, adopting a puppy

Brown fluffy puppy


8. They're a little Easter bunny

chihuahua dressed as easter bunny


9. Let's freak out together about this mini dachshund puppy

mini dachshund puppy


10. And finally, a scholarly dog

 dog using a laptop

Good luck with your exams everyone and have a great summer. Let me know down below what you're most excited to do when you enter university!

Want to see more puppies...I mean our campus? Check out our virtual tour!

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