10 ideas to kick start your self-care routine

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As we will soon start the uplifting transition from winter to spring, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about self-care! No matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in, it’s always important to remember to care for your health and well being, especially during this time. 

This is especially true for young adults entering the next stage of their education, finishing a degree or leaping into the adult world. Dive into spring by checking out these tips to jump-start your self-care routine! 

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1. Start the day with positivity

As students, we generally have a lot of stressors and things on our plates. If you wake up in the morning and immediately think about things that cause you stress, you'll likely set yourself up for a stressful day.

Instead, take a few minutes to relax and think about something that has gone well, or something exciting you get to do that day!

2. Start the day with yoga

Simply getting into the routine of doing a few minutes of yoga in the morning has multiple benefits! Morning yoga has been deemed the best coffee alternative because it helps to wake up your mind, stretch out the body and get your inner systems working.

Check out these simple yoga moves to start out your routine!

Person doing yoga by the water at sunset.

3. Eat breakfast

If you developed the habit of skipping breakfast in high school, it might be something you want to work on before hitting your first lecture.

Sitting through a three-hour class on an empty stomach not only interferes with learning but can also be a bit embarrassing when your stomach starts talking louder than the professor.

4. Try eating healthier

I know, you hear it all the time but do you actually do it? Iced coffee may keep you awake during your lecture but having it as a replacement for every meal is not the best idea.

Learning to get more diversity in your diet can really make you feel great! When in doubt, eat colourful meals. This means different fruits and veggies instead of coffee and greasy food like fried chicken.

colourful fruits and vegetables

5. Get out there, but learn to say no

University is a great time to get involved, try new things and push your limits but don't take this too far. Joining 10 clubs, taking all the advanced classes and saying yes to every plan your friends throw at you will eventually cause you stress and lead to burnout.

Find a few things you love to do and don’t spread yourself too thin, remember to take time for yourself.

6. Get moving

Eat, sleep, study, repeat. Routine can be good but remember to keep active as you navigate university. Just 30 minutes of activity can really help your mind and body stay healthy and happy.

The Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre is offering several virtual fitness classes, workshops and gym bookings to help you stay fit and healthy during quarantine. Why not try something new? 

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7. Get enough sleep

Another piece of advice you hear all the time. But trust me I’m no stranger to the late nights. Getting too little sleep will eventually wreak havoc on your physical and mental health.

Especially during exam season, it’s important to remember that the less sleep you have the harder retaining material will be!

8. Give your mind a break

Personally, I’ve found that nature is one of the best medicines you can find to recharge and de-stress. Spending time outdoors in the peace of nature can do wonders to take your mind off of everything and prepare you to take it all on again.

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9. Talk!

As young adults, mental health is extremely important and we tend to bottle up our emotions. Try sharing your thoughts and feelings with others. Simply talking can reduce stress and provide a clearer outlook. Our university offers a variety of services through our Student Mental Health Services, including people to talk to.

You can also try Good2Talk, an Ontario-based helpline for post-secondary students where you can find someone to talk toall day every day!

10. Be kind

Humans are social creatures and we thrive off of human interaction. Over the years I’ve found that simply being kind to another person can really lift your spirits and likely theirs as well.

If you really want to get out there, check out how you can get involved and improve your leadership skills at school, and to find something where you can feel your time is really helping others and yourself!

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Have some great self-care tips of your own? We'd love to hear them in the comment section below!

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