What are rolling admissions?

Audrey Addo


Most aspiring post-secondary students think of the average application process, which involves universities and colleges assessing all of the applications after a deadline. Although this is a typical process, it may leave students wondering about the status of their application for a while. However, most students probably haven't dealt with or heard about rolling admissions.

How do they work?

Rolling admissions means reviewing applications as they are received. This means that the earlier you apply, the earlier you get an answer as to whether you were accepted or not. While it's great that some schools offer this option, students should be aware that there's still a specific window for applications. Nevertheless, it's a pretty big window considering the fact that it can range from six to eight months. There is also limited availability, so applications are accepted based on how much space is left.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Rolling admissions can be a less stressful way to find out about an acceptance or a rejection. It also differs from early acceptance in that, you don't have to accept or decline until the end of the window, which gives you more time to decide. Rolling admissions can even open up opportunities for financial aid, scholarships and housing depending on how early you apply. In some cases when students are accepted late, residence and scholarships may be in shorter supply.

A downside to rolling admissions may be that you have to apply early to hear back from the school on time. Although, if it's a school that's on top of your list, that might actually be a good thing. Another drawback as mentioned before, is that spots can fill up quickly, so staying on track of your applications is important.

Overall, rolling admissions offer a different application experience, it's a faster and more direct way to apply to university. It all depends on the post-secondary institution you choose, whether they offer it and how soon you would like hear back from from them.

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