Three things to reflect on when choosing your major

Patricia Lora


The fall semester is right around the corner. You’re one step closer to graduating, one step closer to finding a career and one step closer to adulting!

I don't want to scare you about the future but rather celebrate the fact that you made it this far.

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Getting into a university is one thing, but choosing which career path to take is another. Many students get stressed over deciding their major and whether or not they’ll still want to pursue it a few years from now. However, deciding your major doesn’t have to be stressful at all!

While it’s important to consider your future in the long-run, it is also crucial to also pay attention to your short-term needs for a healthy journey through university.

Here are three things you should keep in mind if you’re having a major-predicament.


1. Follow your passions

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Many people believe that going into a program to follow your passion is not an ideal approach to your future.

They believe that relying on your interests and hobbies cannot sustain a realistic future and distracts you from opportunities with more security and stability.

But university is stressful. There are deadlines, assignments and grades to worry about; it’s long (give or take four years) and difficult (as you come to learn that the hamburger method from English class results to an unsatisfactory grade) but if you go into a program of your interest, it will push you to challenge your skills and curiosity.

In the end you’ll graduate with self-integrity and a whole lot of lessons that have prepared you for your ideal future.


2. Your physical degree isn’t everything

Simply flashing your university degree to future employers won’t get you your dream job. A degree is a prop that verifies your academic achievements; it's an asset that can lead you to opportunities not necessarily excel in them.

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University is the time to invest in yourself and to experience things that will positively influence your knowledge and skills. Remember that it is your experience that truly speaks for your degree.


3. Be open to change

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Don’t stress if things don’t go as planned. Things change, interests take a turn, people leave school and people come back.

If you ever find yourself walking towards a different path from what you had planned for yourself years ago, months ago or even yesterday, remember that it is better to do it now than never. You don’t want to regret missing an opportunity. Take a chance and trust yourself!

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