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Jade Patrick


Hey everyone! My name is Jade Patrick, and I’m a second-year Health Science student specializing in Public Health. Throughout my two years at Ontario Tech, I have learned so much about the transition from high school into university and all the new changes that come with entering a new environment. As my third year approaches, I’ll share my advice and preparation tips for Future Ridgebacks!

Why I chose Ontario Tech

Going into my last year of high school, I contemplated where to further my education. I started doing research and looking at different universities, but I had a set of criteria for my future university of choice. When looking into Ontario Tech University I liked how it was close to home, and had small class sizes where you could build connections with your professors and teaching assistants (TAs). Having all these resources has helped me narrow my choices very easily. 

First-year tips & advice

When preparing for your first year of university, having all your resources and tools ready to start the year and reduce nerves is important. My first piece of advice would be to refresh your knowledge on key skills you learned in high school. For example, reviewing your math, science, and writing skills. Within the Student Life portal are Nool tools and many resources where you have examples and tips to help you succeed. 

Starting university is an exciting adventure, and having some insider tips from a current student can help you thrive throughout your Ridgeback experience:

1. Make friends 
My first tip is to make friends in your first week. Even just saying “Hi!” or “What’s your name?” to the person beside you, could lead to a lifelong friendship!

2. Stay in touch through social media 
Secondly, stay in touch with upcoming events and clubs by following Ontario Tech’s social media platforms. It's an easy way to stay up to date on upcoming events and ensure you don't miss anything. 

3. Go to an event or join a club 
Thirdly, join a club or events that happen on campus. Many fun events happen in the Shawenjigewining Hall (SHA) building during the school year that you'll want to attend. 

4. Student Life Resources 
Ontario Tech provides many resources for current students. If you’re struggling or need assistance with a course you can access resources through the Student Life site such as; Peer tutoring and Peer-assisted study sessions (PASS), and workshops like STRIDE Workshops.
Even though I am halfway through my time at Ontario Tech, my experience has been very enriching. I have been involved in the community and made new friends in different programs. I’m excited about all the new memories and experiences I will create in my future years at Ontario Tech! 

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