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With the start of school just around the corner, you may have questions or concerns regarding the cost of university. Today we'll discuss the prices you'll encounter and how you can pay them, ways you can earn money while studying and the various types of funding available to you! So buckle in, take some notes and let's talk about cash.

Tuition and fees 

While I can't give you a specific price as costs differ by program, we can estimate what your first year of university will cost. Tuition is only one part of the cost. There are also ancillary fees, meal plans, residence expenses, textbooks, etc. 

For domestic students, tuition can range from $5,983 to $10,095. For international students, tuition cancalculator with money beside it range from $30,656 to $41,799. Meal plans cost between $3,259 and $6,649, and residence fees are between $6,800 and $8,750. There are also ancillary fees ($2,300), UHIP for international students ($756) and technology-enriched learning fees ranging from $115 to $349, depending on your program.

So you can expect the base fees to be between $8,398 and $60,603 for your first year, depending on what type of student you are, what program you're in and where you plan to live. Since that's a good chunk of money, you want to ensure it ends up in the correct destination. So, let's see how you can make your payments. 

Paying your expenses

There are multiple ways you can pay for your expenses. If you're a student who receives funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), you can have the funds sent directly to Ontario Tech, with any remainder deposited directly to you. 

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Alternatively, you can pay these fees online via your banking institution, through the mail by cheque, using online platforms for international payments or through third-party funding options such as scholarships. Regardless of how you pay, you want to ensure you meet the payment deadlines every term.

Earn while you study

Many students have bills and expenses beyond tuition. Fortunately, we offer a work-study program where you can work up to 12 hours during the school year and 35 hours during the summer to earn money while you study. You can apply directly through your MyOntarioTech account and view job listings online. 

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Our University Works program offers flexibility, as we understand the demands placed on students. If you need some time off to study, to switch shifts because of an exam or just a break for some rest, your boss will be very understanding and eager to accommodate!

Awards, bursaries and scholarships

Apply for scholarships! It's something you've probably heard before and will certainly hear again. Plenty of generous donors want to help make education more accessible. That's why we have hundreds (yes, hundreds) of awards available. Be sure to review them and apply to all the ones you're eligible for. This is free money! 

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You can also apply for our major entrance scholarships, which cover large chunks of your tuition each year! But also be on the lookout for external scholarships and awards you can apply for since these opportunities can only be found if you're looking for them. If you ever have a tough time, need help with bills and expenses or are the first person in your family to attend post-secondary education, you can apply for one of our bursaries

While all of these funding options are out there, no one will come and beg you to apply. It's your responsibility to look for them and apply wherever you can. So much money is available to students; you just have to look!

University is a wonderful time for exploration, making memories and learning. These expenses are an investment in yourself and your future. Understanding what you're paying for and how to pay for it is crucial to meet those deadlines and continue your studies uninterrupted. 

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