Four Spotify playlists that will help you pass your exams

Zahra Mustansir


I know it can be hard to get into the jam of studying. Finding the right atmosphere to study in is like finding the perfect position to sleep in. Leg out of blanket or in? Starbucks or Library? That’s why a Spotify playlist is crucial in your success. 

headphones plugged into a phoneGoing through the bazillion playlists on Spotify with similar sounds and names can be kinda overwhelming. But look no further because I have done all the work for students worldwide. 

Here are five playlists that will guarantee you an A+ in your exams (if not, then A+ for effort at least): 


Lofi Hip-Hop Music

Nostalgic feels, driving through the neighbourhood with windows down vibes. Mellow, synth beats that get your head swaying without getting too into your head. That’s the perfect combo.

This playlist is perfect for playing in the background. It keeps you chilled out without putting you to sleep. And the repeat beats allow your brain to focus on the work in front of you. 


Brain Food

The name says it all. This gives you more electronic feel and its more upbeat than the Lofi Hip-Hop. This playlist has a variety of songs that keep your brain alive and studying. It's like a workout for you brain. 

girl listening to music through headphones


Pop Study

I love playing this list when I'm actually motivated to study. It puts you in a good mood and bopping so when you don't get that chemical equation, it doesn't stress you out.

It keeps you in a good mood so that studying doesn't feel like a chore. 


Study: Classical Concentration

Could this really be a list without classical music. I listen to Mozart because of the 'Mozart Effect,' which apparently helps your memorization when your listen to it.

So if all else fails, put this playlist on and just hope Mozart comes to the rescue.

Have any playlists of your own that you like to listen to while studying? Let us know in the comments.

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