Entering your last year of high school? Here's some advice

Aiden Dufty


The field trips, the lunch breaks with friends, the parties, the hangoutsoh yeah and the learning too! High school is an exciting time in everyone's lives and it's easy to lose track of time during the experience. You may find yourself entering your last year and realizing you aren't sure what to do next but that's okay! 

In my last year of high school, I didn't even apply to universities until a few days before the deadline because I completely forgot! I was scared to start thinking about my future because it felt like I had to choose my whole life at such a young age. But once I figured out how to make the most of my last year of high school, everything turned out just fine. Keep reading so you can use your final year of high school to your advantage. 

Look into your options

Life after high school is different for everyone, there are so many options to choose from. You can start university or college, maybe an apprenticeship for a trade, join the workforce immediately or take a gap year. None of these options are considered the 'right' choice, the only right thing is doing what you want. While you're checking out your options, be sure to check out our programs to see if there are any that align with your interests.

Gordan Ramsey saying the choice is yours

Make some memories

I know it can be hard to set aside time for yourself when you’re busy with school and worried about the future—but it’s important to have fun and make memories during your final year of high school. You're only young once!

max greenfield at a baseball game saying hes making memories

Take the time to meet up with friends and have some fun! Why not explore some fun things to do in Oshawa? There's plenty to do and explore with your friends to ensure you make the best memories possible!

Tour our campus

Hopefully, you're considering becoming a Ridgeback here at Ontario Tech. If you're unsure of where you want to apply, touring a campus can provide you with valuable insight that will help you when it comes time to pick your programs. By checking out our campus you can see what life as a Ridgeback is all about and get a sneak peek to all the best study spots on campus!

Entering your last year of high school is an exciting time, it's important to remember to enjoy yourself while also taking steps to plan your future. There is a place for everyone at Ontario Tech and we hope to see you as a future ridgeback!

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