Ontario Tech University spotlight: Trent Wylie

Sara Stephen



"I have always been interested in the study of biology, so entering a biological science program was a logical step to take to pursue that passion. The reason that I took Ontario Tech University’s program over other universities’ was because of the early access to hands-on lab experience which has turned out to be invaluable to my career path. There were many times I could consider ‘one of’ my favourite experiences, such as the Science Rendezvous expansion, or when I worked on improving courses for two of my professors over a summer. I guess the most ‘impactful’ experience that Ontario Tech University has provided me with did not actually happen on campus: it was the call from my future manager asking if I wanted to start a co-op placement at the Ministry of the Environment. That would never have happened if not for the co-op program, the co-op advisors, their connections, and the experience that the courses and the summer school job provided me with to place on my résumé and get noticed out of 600-odd applications."

Trent Wylie
Fourth year
Biological Science with a specialization in Environmental Toxicology

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