Ontario Tech University spotlight snapshot: Andre Pinsonnault

Sara Stephen


Andre Pinsonnault

"I chose Ontario Tech University because I didn’t want to go to a huge school. I didn’t feel as though I would get to engage with professors in large lectures as I would in smaller class sizes. Ontario Tech University also has a good accreditation standing and that ensures that my degree will be valuable. The distance was a good thing too, just far enough to live away from home and close enough that I can still visit frequently. The best part of my education so far has been learning how to design solid objects. I love being creative and this program has given me the chance to submit my own designs and ideas. A lot of people in university want their degree and they think the paper they get at the end of their program is what validates them as someone with skills. But really, how you apply yourself and what you choose to learn are what's important. This is something that you need to carry with you as you pursue your education."

Andre Pinsonnault
Second Year, Engineering

Photo Credit: Emily Rowsell 

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