Ontario Tech University Spotlight: Camille Pinto

Sara Stephen


Camille Pinto

Camille Pinto is in her second year of Nursing at Ontario Tech University. 

“I chose this program because my mom always used to tell me that I was really good at taking care of people, and I love helping people.”

The passion and drive were there from the beginning for Camille to enrol in a nursing program, but choosing Ontario Tech University was easy. One of Camille’s favourite aspects of Ontario Tech University is the smaller community.

“I love the atmosphere – since it’s a smaller school, everyone is super friendly! Smaller class sizes are great too because you can get to know everyone so much better! I also love my professors – they have so many great stories from when they were nurses, and it’s so interesting to learn from their stories”. 

Not only does Ontario Tech University offer a smaller atmosphere for learning, it is also enriched with technology.

“I love the technology we have in the nursing labs – we have ‘patients’ that we can actually do assessments on, since they have ‘heartbeats’ and so many various ailments."

Nursing is not easy, it’s a tough program and a demanding career, but it is more than rewarding. One of Camille’s favourite parts of her program is placement.

“Going to the hospital and getting actual patients is a great learning experience. I learn so much in placement and I get to have the best experiences there. It really prepares you for when you graduate and working in a hospital."

It’s not always an easy transition between high school and university, but Camille has some great advice: “Breathe! It’s so much to take in at once, and it was a huge transition, but everyone around you is going through the same thing!"

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