Top 7 Instagram photos of our campus

Emily Rowsell


Our university campus has so much to offer and our students can't help but take a photo or two while wandering about! Here are seven amazing photos of different spots at our north and downtown campus as well as the beautiful surrounding nature spots!

1. Bordessa Hall

From our fellow Ontario Tech blogger Shelly Kowalski, we have a creative picture of a view from a window in Bordessa Hall at the downtown Oshawa location!

2. The Student Centre

I spy with my little eye, the Student Centre!

3. A walkway in the autumn

There are so many hidden photo spots at our university - check out this one along a walk way on the north campus! Nothing says 'fall' like a photo of bright red leaves on an overcast day!

4. Polonsky Commons

Looking for a place to sit a think in between classes? Polonsky Commons is the place to go!

5. The trails behind campus

Did you know our north Oshawa location is surrounded by a beautiful forest and nature? This Kinesiology student certainly did!

6. The pond

Also known as the reflecting pond or pool! Perfect for reading, relaxing or hanging out by in the summertime. 

7. Sunset over campus

And last but certainly not least; a sunset photo at the north Oshawa location!

 Want to see more of our campus? Check out our virtual tour!

Check out our Virtual Campus Tour

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