Six reasons to attend university visits

Amber Vibert


In this post, find six reasons why you should check out universities when they come to visit your high school.


1. Convenience

The universities come right to you. How convenient is that? No work necessary—just sign up and go! With these visits you can learn almost everything you want to know about your journey through the application process. Don’t give this opportunity up!

You may have only a few months to decide where you’re going to spend the next four years (or more!) of your life and you want to be thorough. It’s your life, so gather all the information that you can.


2. Talk one-on-one with someone who directly represents the university

You can’t believe everything that your friends, parents or websites tell you (though the university website can give you accurate information).

Universities often change year by year and gain new things to offer, so you want to ensure that your information is up-to-date. It's always worth going directly to the source.


3. Learn everything you need to know about university life

It’s true! If the visiting liaison officer from the university doesn’t know the answer to a question, they can absolutely direct you to someone who can.

Maybe it’ll be the first presentation you’ve attended. Maybe you’ve worked up the courage to attend simply from reading this blog. Maybe you’re only in grade 10 or 11!

If that’s the case, we can start from the basics and tell you about university in general—how it all works!


4. Learn if a university is right for you

Okay, maybe I lied. You do have a bit of work to do. You’ve got a university representative hanging out with you in your library or classroom, so what do you do?

Ask them questions based on their experience. You can learn about so much more than what’s just available to you in the viewbook or on the university website.

Did they play any sports while in school? Do they know cool clubs you can join? Where’s the best place to study? What’s the town like? What do they love about their university? You’ll probably love it too!


5. Recruiters have some of the best stories

Did you hear about the best event I ever attended way back in second year? You won’t if you don’t ask!

University helped me grow in so many different ways. Now that’s something you should want to hear about: how university has impacted someone on a personal level.


6. The visits are just for you

Your high school teachers want to see the best for you and your future and that’s why they put so much work into showing you all the options you have once you’re done high school.

Do them a favour and put in your best efforts to make the right choices for your future. We’re here to help you along the way.

If you missed a university presentation at your high school, the next best steps are:


Visit Open Houses

Universities have fall preview dates or fall open house dates that take place between October and November. Most universities also have a winter or March break open house that you can attend!

This is a great opportunity that can assist in the decision-making process once you begin to receive acceptances.

It’s also wonderful for students in grades 11 and 10 to get a jump start on the university process before their final year.


Book a tour

here’s no better way to pick a place to spend part of your life than to visit it in person!


Electronic Info

Visit Electronic Info to learn more about universities, their programs, and their prerequisites. This is an amazing resource! Don’t let it go to waste.


Make contact

If you've missed Ontario Tech's presentation, ask us a question! We can help with anything. Seriously, don’t hesitate. No question is a silly question.


Virtual tour

Again, if you've missed Ontario Tech, you can take our virtual tour—it’s just like being here!

Good luck with your search!

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