Ontario Tech University spotlight: Amit Persaud

Sara Stephen



"I had always heard great things about Ontario Tech University’s community, but I was not prepared for the level of openness that I would come to experience from it over the years.

I am astonished by the effort that many instructors put toward remembering the names of their students. They encourage us to build working relationships with them to expand our understanding of interpersonal communication. A year after taking a class with an instructor, I can still walk up to them and strike up a conversation without it feeling awkward. I have found this to be very representative of the atmosphere at Ontario Tech University, even beyond the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Upper year courses are not incredibly large which makes classes feel more intimate and familiar. It’s a lot more fun learning in an environment where class discussions can be conducted easily due to smaller scale classes. When we spend so much time in lecture, it’s this kind of experience that makes the education feel personal to me."

Amit Persaud 
Third Year, Communication and Digital Media studies 

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