Quiz: Where will you live when you arrive at university?


A dog in a houseHome is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically...or is it?

A place of peace is what the heart wants and what the mind yearns. Living in a place that is safe, comfortable and overall peaceful tremendously contributes to your state of mind and total well-being.

Not just having a place to live, having a place where you can let loose, relax, free your mind and clear your thoughts is something one should aspire to acquire.

Similar to this, people you live with should have a positive impact on your life. They should be people who motivate and drive you, people you can smile with, cry with, achieve goals and live life with.

Independence is one of the joys of becoming a university student and with that usually comes the responsibility of finding a place to live. In order to successfully tranQuizsition into university, adaptation is a skill that every student must embody.

This quiz seeks out your preferences and characteristics in order to give you an idea of what environment would be suitable for you as a university student. Enjoy!

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