Local cuisine spotlight: aZian

Andrea Brown


IMG_1321We've all been there. You're sitting in class and your stomach audibly growls. Your thoughts wander from the lecture material to lunch plans. But where can you satisfy your craving for a delicious meal at a student-friendly price?

The answer, my friends, is aZian. aZian opened its doors at Taunton and Wilson in Oshawa in August 2007 and quickly became a local favourite. With a wide range of dishes reflecting the cuisine of China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, they're not kidding when they say it's a plateful of Asia.

At lunchtime, you can satisfy the biggest of appetites for as little as $6.99. Ontario Tech students, staff and faculty flock here for favourites like mango chicken with rice, teriyaki, and pad thai. Dinner will set you back around $10.

On the day that my coworker Sharleen and I headed to aZian for this review, we were quickly joined by many other colleagues craving a plateful of Asia. Between the five of us, we enjoyed sushi, pad thai, soups, salads, mango chicken and a Coke (what can I say? Caffeine helps my blog writing). IMG_1318

The only thing that rivals the food and affordable prices for my favourite part about aZian? The service! Servers are always friendly and helpful. And if you're a regular, they'll have your favourites memorized in no time.

So if looming finals have you down and you need a break and some nourishment to keep going, stop by aZian. And if you're stuck on what to order from the huge selection, ask Herman for Andrea's favourite and you'll have a plateful of scrumptious veggie sushi in front of you in no time!

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