Introducing... Emily Rowsell, Student Speak blogger

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Name: Emily Rowsell

Program of study: Political Science with a minor in Communications and Digital Media Studies

Year of study: Third

Why did you choose your program? I was originally in Communications and Digital Media Studies and one of the professors in the Political Science program mentioned that I could switch programs if I wanted, since I had received As in three of the core Political Science classes my first year. I was told it was a competitive program with opportunities for students to be pioneers in shaping the course of the program, so I decided to make the change!

What do you want to do after you graduate? Dream job – Creative Director for a fashion magazine/organization and a free lance photographer

What’s your favourite childhood toy?  My paper doll fashion cut out kit

What’s the one food item you couldn’t live without? CHOCOLATE

Favourite TV or movie quote: ‘I carried a watermelon’ – Dirty Dancing

Favourite TV show or movie: Mystic Pizza

Blog that you’re most excited to write: Top apps for students!

Favourite past Student Speak blog: Every post by Sara Stephen partly because I admire her as a human being and partly because they remind me of the Humans of New York posts on Facebook.

Top 3 bucket list to-do items: Walk a runway show, have my photography featured in Vogue at least once and learn to surf

Who is your career idol? Anna Wintour – a business woman admired (and feared) by many

Ice cream or pizza? ICECREAM

Beach vacation or Euro-trip? Euro-trip (museums, fashion, photo opportunities, history, culture oh my!)

Cats or dogs? Doggies :D

What’s your favourite book? Woefield Poultry Collective or the Summoning

Favourite Durham Region restaurant? Felicio’s for sure (I stop by twice a week)

Favourite place to hang out on campus? Polonsky Commons – prime sun bathing spot

What would you tell first year you? Eat more than just English muffins with Nutella because although it seems like a great idea the future you’s tummy will hate you.


Keep an eye out for Emily's blog posts this year on the Student Speak blog.