Introducing Cate McPhee, Student Speak blogger

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Name: Cate McPhee

Program of study: Communication and Digital Media studies

Year of study: Fourth year 

Why did you choose your program?

I choose this program because I was not sure what I wanted to do. I was looking for a program that would be general enough that there would be plenty of options for me after graduation.

This year I launched my own event planning and floral business, I love that the creative industry allows me to combine my passion and incorporate aspects of my education.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

Once I graduate I plan to travel with my boyfriend who I met at the university.

What is your favourite thing about our university?

My favorite thing about the school is the people who have made my experience wonderful, oh and the Smoke’s Poutinerie on campus.

What is your favourite can’t-miss university event?

My favorite event I attended would be the resume writing workshop. I don’t know if you would call it an event but the information they have to share is so helpful!

What is your favourite past Student Speak blog?

My favorite blog post from Student speak was written by Sierra Haller, and it is about the top 5 places around our university to get pizza. I would argue there is no better feeling in the world then a warm pizza box on your lap.

What is your favourite thing to do in the Durham Region?

My favorite thing to do in the Durham Region would be Ariel Yoga! My Yoga Studio is called the Yoga Jungle and is located in Bowmanville.

What is your favourite Durham Region restaurant?

It is incredibly hard to choose just one favorite restaurant because there are so many amazing places. I think my top two would be The Waterfront in Pickering, I am a sucker for a patio on the water. The other would be The Big M, also located in Pickering, this place has been around since my parents started dating and my boyfriend and I still love it!

What would you tell first-year you, in one sentence?

Be present in class, actively seek out friends, remember your metabolism is going to slow down, moderation is key and have fun because #adulting is hard!!

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