Three defining experiences in Hong Kong

William Lee


According to Google, Hong Kong is 9044 times smaller than Canada. Despite its small size, Hong Kong is home to some of the most unique recreational activities in the world. While there are an abundance of activities to do in Hong Kong, here are three of mine that shaped my overall Global Edge experience.

Ocean Park Hong Kong: Asia’s largest theme park

I had the opportunity to go to Ocean Park through my host company, Palapple, during my internship. Ocean Park was looking to build upon their current mobile app and my company submitted a proposal to develop the project for them. Ocean Park combines the excitement of a theme park with the learning experience of a zoo. It spans over 226 arces, which is divided into two sections, the Waterfront and the Summit and can be traversed by a cable car or railway system known as the Ocean Express. While I was there I was able to try all the attractions, which ranged from roller coasters to rapid river rides to seeing new animal exhibits, such as the koalas from Australia and an educational dolphin show. Ocean Park was an amazing experience, which lives up to the line that your parents would tell you when you were younger, “Learning can be fun!”Ocean_Park.jpg

The Entrance to Ocean Park

Tai Mo Shan: Hong Kong’s tallest mountain

Tai Mo Shan (literally means "Big Hat Mountain" in Chinese!) is located in the centre of Hong Kong’s New Territories. Once an active volcano, Tai Mo Shan is now a popular hiking destination for enthusiasts. Tai Mo Shan was recommended to me and my Global Edge friends through our local co-workers. In the Hong Kong hiking trail system, Tai Mo Shan was considered a medium level difficulty mountain to climb and our particular trail spanned 10 kilometres. Some of the particular interest points are the weather station on top of the peak of the summit, the wildlife surrounding the area and the waterfall at the end of the trail. After several hours of hiking, swimming under Hong Kong's largest waterfall, the Long Falls, really hits the spot!


Cows relaxing near a post on the hiking trail


Long Falls, the tallest waterfall in Hong Kong

Ozone Ritz-Carlton: The highest lounge in the world

Ozone is on the 118th floor of the International Commerce Centre in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is known for its spectacular views of the city during the night and the magnificent food served by a Michelin star-holding chef. I was invited to Ozone through my Global Edge friend to meet the manager of the company he interned with over the summer break. The grandeur of the location cannot be overemphasized. While the food was top notch (I recommend the sushi), the highlight of the night was most definitely the view of the city. I recommend anyone visiting Hong Kong to visit this location at least once, as the food and scenery are second to none.


The view of Hong Kong at Ozone

These were just some of my experiences in Hong Kong. Want to know more about what else there is to do in Asia? Tune into the next installment of Going Global!

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