Four videos you have to watch for quick DIY halloween costume ideas

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Halloween is the one time of the year where you can dress up as anyone you like, get candy on demand and even scare a few people. There are many different ways that people celebrate Halloween, whether it is attending a party, watching some scary movies or going Trick or Treating. Whatever the occasion, a major part of Halloween is your costume. While some people plan out their costume well in advance, there are others who are more last minute with their ideas. They might find themselves the night of Halloween without anything to wear. However, have no fear! In this list below, I have compiled several videos containing quick and cheap DIY Halloween costume ideas!

1. Girl costume ideas!

This video contains two cute costume ideas for girls. These costumes are really quick as they take less than an hour to make and put together. For the first costume, the Ice Cream Cone, most of the items were bought at the dollar store, or were found around the house. If you are missing a clothing item, you can always check out your local thrift store. For the second costume, the Pineapple, all that you need to make is the headpiece. If you are in a rush, you don’t even need to paint the toilet paper roll. Pair the finished pineapple head piece with a cute yellow dress, and you are ready to go out for Halloween!

2. More girl costume ideas!

This video is filled with four clever ideas for girls’ costumes. For the Nerd costume, all that is needed is ‘nerdy’ clothing, which can be found at any local thrift store. Be sure to carry around any nerd paraphernalia that you can find, whether it be a textbook, some comic books or a Rubix cube. Additionally, Minnie Mouse is a great costume for those of you who might want to look a little cuter. While the black clothing and stockings could be found in your closet, the bow and gloves can be bought inexpensively at any costume shop. The third costume, the Instagram Selfie Box, is a great costume for those who are obsessed with social media. This costume doesn’t even need any additional clothing, and can be created with cardboard, construction paper and markers. For the final costume, the Changing Vampire, it is a simple look where all that is needed is a couple of edgier pieces of clothing. As well, some basic makeup skills are required to recreate the “Five Minute Vampire Look”.

3. Guy costume ideas!

While some guys really get into the spirit of Halloween, others may be the last minute costume decider. However, you don’t want to be the only one out of your group of friends who doesn’t have a costume, right? In this video, there are seven clever and hilarious costumes made with only one flannel shirt. This costume is easy for guys to make, as it contains a basic staple of men’s clothing. As well, other common pieces of men’s clothing are used in many of the costumes, such as blue jeans. Other components of the costumes, such as the record, tool belt and bandana could easily be found around your house. Whatever items you can’t find around the house, you can find inexpensively. Some of the items, such as the axe, could even be made!

4. Couples costume ideas!

If you’re spending Halloween with your significant other this year, here are some great costumes for you to try out! For the first costume, Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket, this is an easy costume to make as the Golden Ticket only requires gold construction paper and a black marker. To make the costume stand out, wear a gold outfit underneath. Additionally, the Willy Wonka costume consists of basic men’s clothing, as well as a purple bowtie, top hat and cane. The second costume, Chuck Noland and Wilson from Castaway, is really easy to make as the only thing you need to buy is a beard. Finally, the Struck by Lightning costume is an original and easy-to-make costume that only requires some yellow construction paper, a cheap umbrella and some old clothes. All you need to do is break the umbrella and tear some holes in the clothing. You can add some makeup to the holes on the clothing to give it an electrocuted look.

Hopefully these videos have got you inspired to make some great Halloween costumes! Comment below to tell us what you are going to be for Halloween this year!

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