Eight new terms you'll hear when you start university

Zahra Mustansir


As an old soul in a young body, it's hard for me to keep track of all the university lingo.

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So I've complied a list of terms I had to learn when starting university. Because university is not only like entering a whole new world, but learning a whole new language. 


1. Social

Definition: An event usually hosted by a society or club.

“Let’s go to that Halloween social on Friday!”


2. SU

Definition: Abbreviated name of the Student Union. 

“SU is hosting a board game night.”


3. Freshman 15

Definition: The first year of university where a freshman may or may not gain 15 pounds while away from home.

“I can’t fit into m jeans! Freshman 15 really got me this year."

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4. Bell Curve

Definition: Magic used by professors to give students a little bit of boost in their marks to even out the playing field.

"Man, I did bad so bad on the exam! I really hope that prof bell curves."


5. 15-minute rule

Definition: A rule that if a professor doesn't show up for the first 15 minutes of class then students are allowed to leave.

"Dude, we get to go home! Fifteen-minute rule!" 

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6. Marathoning

Definition: When students spend hours-on-end either studying or watching Netflix.

"Sorry, bro. I was marathoning for my macro class." 


7. Office Hours

Definition: Time a professor sets aside so students may meet in their office to discuss grades and/or assignments.

"I'm going to have to see our professor during their office hours." 


8. Senioritis

Definition: When a senior is in their final semester of school and they begin to get lazy about coursework; a fatal illness.

"I was going to start my research paper last week but...senioritis." 

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Let us know in the comments if you know any other university lingo you think we missed!

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