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Happy Friday future Ridgebacks!

This week's question gets asked to members of our recruitment team each and every day. "How do I decide if I should live in residence or stay at home?"

There's no right or wrong answer for this one! So let's look at some of the benefits of each:


Ontario Tech has one of the best residences around! Each student gets his or her own double bed, a washroom to share with only one other person and the convenience of being right on campus!

Benefits of living in residence:

  • You're already on campus!
  • Friends close by all the time
  • Lots of residence activities to participate in
  • Double bed
  • Kitchenette
  • Light housekeeping (sure wish they'd come clean my doghouse...)
  • Flexible meal options
  • Durham Region Transit right at your door - and as long as you didn't forget your U-Pass in your room, you just hop on!
  • Residence support and security staff 24/7

Possible challenges:

  • No one's waking you up for class... you have to do it yourself!
  • You may miss family members and pets
  • Additional cost
  • Time management - need to make sure to study and get assignments done! Also, no one is going to stock your fridge or do your laundry for you.


Lots of Ontario Tech students commute to class each day. Some drive themselves while plenty of students use their U-Pass and take transit.

Benefits of commuting:

  • Home sweet home!
  • Cost savings (gas and parking rather than residence and meals)
  • Family support
  • Your own kitchen for meal prep (or maybe someone to make food for you?)
  • Sleep in your own bed

Possible challenges:

  • Weather or traffic conditions
  • Time
  • Vehicle maintenance and gas costs if you're driving
  • Extra effort to make sure you're involved in student life. It's easy to get involved but it won't happen if you arrive just in time for class and leave as soon as it's done!

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