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Andrea Brown


What kinds of topics get you really excited to the point that you can't stop talking about them? Maybe it's Game of Thrones, all the destinations you want to visit someday, the Lord of the Rings books, or all the places you've chased down Pokémon.

If asked, you could probably talk about your favourite topic for 20 minutes... maybe more! But what if I only gave you three minutes to give an overview of your topic and why it's important to you? Could you do it?ololade_sm.png

That's the challenge we recently gave to some of our Ontario Tech graduate students. They had 180 seconds to present their research and its importance as part of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition.

While you won't have to worry about a thesis as a first-year undergraduate student, you may have some presentations or case studies to prepare. And sometimes the short assignments are just as intimidating as the long ones since you have limited time or space to present the important points. But just like all the other experiences you'll have at Ontario Tech University, there are always programs and supports available for you:

  • Sharpen your research skills by working alongside our professors - even as an undergraduate student! That's a chance you won't find just anywhere.
  • Receive academic support for writing, physics and everything in between at the Student Learning Centre.
  • Develop your leadership and public speaking skills through programs like Ontario Tech Ambassadors.

All of your class assignments, groupwork and extracurricular activities will help you reach your goals - whether they centre around career or continuing on to graduate school where you'll have opportunities like 3MT®.

This year's Ontario Tech 3MT® champion was Ololade Sanusi, a PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ololade spoke about how she is helping to save blood during transfusions with her wireless antenna. She even explained how the antenna is like the invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter books.

At this year's provincial competition, Ololade became Ontario Tech 's first-ever participant to advance to the national finals! You can vote for Ololade for this year's People's Choice Award on the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies website. (Voting closes on May 26, 2017.)

If you want to watch more 3MT® videos, visit our website! Amazing and diverse as the topics are, they're just a small sample of the innovative and transformative research taking place at our university.

At Ontario Tech , you will be exposed to new ideas that impact our day-to-day lives and have the opportunity to get involved in the research. It's a chance that you won't find on every campus and we are proud to offer the opportunity to our students right from their first year of studies.

And who knows? Maybe someday it will be you presenting your research in three minutes. Bonus points if you tie in Harry Potter.

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