5 financial lessons every student learns

Emily Rowsell


As a student, there are a lot of hard financial lessons we have to learn. From one brazen and at one point broke student (due to too much spending on clothes I did not need) to another, here are some of those lessons that you could maybe learn from!

1. Buying in bulk is not always cheaper

I know it seems like a perfect idea to purchase more than you need because there is a deal going on, but if you aren’t going to need four packs of bacon before they would realistically expire in your fridge, should you buy four to save three dollars? No, unless you have a deep freezer to keep them in!

Person knocking a bunch of stuff off a shelf

2. Couponing can save you money

Might pulling out the ol' flyer cost you a little time? Sure! Could you potentially save three dollars on that quesadilla kit? Certainly!

Although you may feel like Auntie Em with your Walmart flyer at the check-out, you could be saving yourself a bit of money and it's totally worth it!

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3. Wait it out

There will come a day when the dress you want goes on sale. Or you will find a mailer coupon for 20 per cent off.

For frivolous purchases like clothing to keep up with new trends or that video game you probably don't need but are dying to try, it's always good to wait a few weeks and see if it drops in price!

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4. There's nothing wrong with buying second hand

Second hand textbooks with a bit of coffee in the corner or a graduating student's desk with a few scuffs on one side mean very little in comparison to the $70 you can save by buying another students school items that they do not need anymore!

Not only are you saving yourself money, but you're helping out a fellow student!

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5. Just because you want it, does not mean you need it

The biggest financial lesson I've learned throughout the duration of my undergrad is: just because I want it, does not mean I need it, nor does it mean I can afford it.

We all wish we had a fairy godmother to make our closet full and our snack pantry overflowing with Dunkaroos but unfortunately that's not an option!

I've had to learn that switching up my closet every two weeks just isn't financially feasible and that's a-ok! Save your money for the important things and you'll thank yourself when you have more than just KD in the ol' student fridge!

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